What is the Right Wedding Centerpiece Budget? Tips for Saving More

Sometimes people get so excited about having a wedding that they quickly forget how expensive it can be with just a few decorations. Wedding centerpieces are one of the most common decorations that can take a huge chunk of your budget without proper planning. How to save money on your wedding centerpiece budget?

It is estimated that you can spend around $500 to over $2500 on wedding centerpieces alone. This is a high amount that can still be managed if you have the right tips from an expert. We share more about the average wedding centerpiece budget you should have in mind and how best to save more on this type of wedding decoration.

What is the average floral budget for a wedding?

A wedding florist will be responsible for making the wedding stand out. Such a person might need the right budget to make the magic happen. That is why you should always set out the budget of what you are willing to spend to end up with the right floral decoration.

The floral decoration at a wedding can vary a lot depending on the arrangement you want and the wedding centerpieces you hope to achieve. That is why the average budget should be around $1500. Most couples spend anywhere from $700 to $2,500 on flowers alone.

We can always consider the different wedding floral options to see how much each might cost on average. Here is a list of such floral arrangements you should know before starting the decoration process.

  • Wrist corsage: $20
  • Pin-on corsage: $20
  • Bridesmaid bouquet: $70
  • Bridal bouquet: $200
  • Boutonniere: $15
  • Ceremony structures: $2000 to $3500
  • Flower girl petals: $15
  • Head table florals: $1000
  • Cake flowers: $100
  • Sweetheart table decor: $300 etc.

The list can be as long as you have the budget to support the floral wedding arrangement. Most florists claim that clients can spend upwards of $20K on florals alone. Some can even do $50k if nothing is spared at all.

The rule of thumb is to allocate an average of 7% of your wedding budget to floral arrangements alone. This should give you a nice budget that would not strain you too much but still give you a great wedding.

tips for saving more money on wedding centerpieces

How much should I spend on wedding centerpiece budget?

A properly set table at a wedding can leave a lot of guests with good things to say about the day. They would also feel like there was a lot of thought into including them as part of the people to enjoy a good time at the wedding. That is why wedding table decorations are still important to consider.

So, what does the table need in terms of decoration? Here are a few things you may want to include on the table, plus their average prices;

  • Wedding centerpieces: $20 to 400 per table
  • Flowers: $200 to $10,000 for all the tables
  • Tablecloths: $10 to $70 per table
  • Lighting: $ 100 to $1,000
  • Candlesticks: $5 to $10 each

The list above is just a few of the things you may need, but it can be longer based on budget and preferences.

Sometimes you can save more if you engage the right event planner. Sometimes you do not need to buy the tablecloths or even chargers as they would be included in the wedding package at the venue. This would save you more money in the end.

Tips for arranging your wedding centerpieces on a budget

Now that you have seen various costs for wedding and floral centerpieces, you might be asking yourself if there is a chance of saving money on such decorations. Yes, you can always do a good job even on a budget. Here are some ideas to consider.

Use flowers in season

It is common for some people to want exotic flowers, meaning they need to import them. The shipping costs plus the flowers’ rarity make everything expensive. That is why you should work with your florist to get the flowers in season locally if possible.

You can consider options such as carnations and peonies, which will look expensive even though they are affordable flowers to have in the wedding vases. Of course, the florist is in a better position to suggest the best affordable flowers in season.

Use painted bottles

You will need the right vases to hold the flowers as part of coming up with a centerpiece. You do not have to spend a lot of money on vases. One option would be to rent the vases rather than buying. In case you feel like you will not use the vases after the wedding, renting is a cheaper option.

buy wedding centerpieces on a budget

There is still the option of spray painting leftover wine bottles with the metallic paint of your choice. It could be silver, yellow gold, or rose gold. These options will mean you do not need to spend a lot when looking for vases.

Consider getting much variety as possible when using such bottles. Vary them in terms of shapes and sizes and have them painted neatly. Most people would appreciate such creativity at a wedding.

Use lanterns for table decor

You can have lanterns as part of the wedding centerpiece. The good thing you will like about such decor is how they can be moderately priced but still make a stylish statement you may be looking for.

Whenever you use lanterns, you do not need to add many flowers to the table when you use lanterns. You now get to save on spending a lot more on flowers.

Use more greenery

For some reason, people think weddings should only be full of color. Well, green is also a good color to have as part of the decoration. You should consider adding more greenery to the centerpiece as they are cheap or easily available everywhere you look.

Getting them would be easy, but they need proper arrangements to make them count. You will definitely need to use flowers to avoid having the table look green only. Also, adding some candles would help bring out the romance.

Potted plants

Sometimes we all want a rustic look for a wedding theme. Such a theme allows for nicely groomed potted plants and succulents. So long as they look good and fresh, a florist is a great way to slash the bill sent to you.

Get to garden centers to see what they have available to choose from for your wedding. You can also find the plants already set up in pots. All you have to do is a bit of clean-up, and they are good to use as centerpieces.

Of course, leave them as gifts for your guests. The guests are free to take them home once the ceremony is over.

Use artificial flowers

You can always save more by using faux flowers. These flowers are cheaper by a large margin compared to natural and fresh flowers. The good thing is that if you can get the good ones, they can easily pass as real flowers once set on the table.

You can also change their colors to what you like. Make sure to do the spraying a couple of days before the wedding so that the shades of paint have the right look.


If you want a good wedding filled with color and many pretty flowers, you might have to spend a lot more. However, there will be other creative ways of saving on your wedding budget and still making it look good. We have discussed some of the tips above to get you started. Always work with your florist to find the best deals that will not finish your wedding centerpiece budget.

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