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A wedding is all about festivity and celebration; every wedding reception is incomplete without decor. A wedding centerpiece sets the event’s mood and adds beauty to the ambiance. Wedding centerpieces are usually placed in the center of the tables and can be complemented with candles or flowers.

That is why an average American spends 2300 $ solely on florist and decor for a wedding. Here at Inweder, we sell the most exquisite and high-quality wedding centerpieces to make your event magical and unique. Check out the following centerpieces for your big day.

Vintage Metalic Candelabra Wedding Centerpiece 21.7″


NameVintage Metallic Candelabra Wedding Centerpieces
ColorGold / Silver.
MaterialZinc alloy
Height55 cm each.
Price38.99 $ (a set of 2) / 199.99 $ (a set of 10)
Weight2.8 Pounds / 14 Pounds

This beautiful and classic wedding centerpiece comes in two traditional colors, gold, and silver, most appropriate for wedding and house decor. These centerpiece stands are made with the highest quality zinc alloy and anti-rust and are easy to clean with a dry cloth. The package includes only two centerpieces, not the flowers or candles. We offer seven different flower balls; you can easily buy them from our online store.

This beautiful and vintage candelabra can be complemented with candles too. Whether it be your birthday, anniversary, wedding, housewarming, or romantic evening, use this unique centerpiece and enjoy a fancy candlelight dinner. The centerpiece top comes with a cylindrical base,14 cm wide, which makes it the best option to balance a candle or a flower ball (from our online store) on it. This beautiful candelabra can be complemented with a flower ball, available in 7 different colors from our online store.

Column Vases Wedding Centerpieces

Available in 15.75″

Also available in 31.5″


NameColumn Wedding Vase Centerpiece
Height31.5 ‘’ / 15.75 ‘’
Price (15.75 ‘’ )24.99 $ (a set of 2) / 199.99 $ (a set of 10)
Price (31.5 ’’ )52.99 $ ( a set of 2) / 199.99 $ ( a set of 10)
Weight (15.75 ‘’)2.8 Pounds (a set of 2 ) / 14 pounds (a set of 10)
Weight ( 31.5 ‘’ )14.6 Pounds (a set of 2 )/ 73pounds (a set of 10)

This beautiful column flower vase is stunning and classy. It can be accompanied by a flower ball or long stem flowers. Because of its strong metal, it’s not sturdy at all; it remains intact no matter how much weight you put on it. After extensive diecasting, electroplating, and polishing, its shape and colors don’t deform even in the hottest environment. You can even accompany this beautiful flower vase with votive candles. Because of its unique design, This elegant column flower vase can be complemented with anything like candles, flowers, or any minimal decoration piece.

Whether it be your coffee table, dining table, or wedding reception, this flower case has the power to change the ambiance of the room. Thanks to its high-quality material, its anti-rust and anti-corrosion require just a clean, dry cloth to clean. It’s already nickel plated, so you don’t need to clean it with a chemical or wet cloth. Please don’t use any abrasives to clean it as it would badly affect the color and quality of the flower vase.

It looks beautiful, is easy to assemble, and comes with a handy description in the package; if you need help, you can always contact us. Do not use water or any abrasive materials to clean it, as it will badly affect the quality of the centerpiece. It’s easy to clean and can be cleaned with a clean and dry cloth. Please keep it away from prolonged exposure to sunlight and water to retain its beauty and colors.

Place it on a wedding head table, a restaurant table, dining, or a simple coffee table to illuminate the aura of your room. This beautiful and classic inclusion could be used as the best gift for your loved ones. Match your room’s furniture from our collection of flower balls and use it with an exquisite centerpiece to give your house’s tone an illuminating effect.

Crystal Flower Stand Wedding Centerpieces

Available in 13.9″

Also available in 21.6″


NameCrystal Flower Stand Wedding Centrepieces
ColorGold/ Silver.
MaterialZinc alloy.
Height13.9″ /21.6″
Price (13.9″)44.99 $ (a set of 2 ) / 199.99 $ ( a set of 10).
Price (21.6″)47.99 $ (a set of 2 ) / 209.99 $ ( a set of 10).
Weight (13.9″)3.96 pounds /  19.8 pounds.

This gorgeous crystal flower vase long wedding centerpiece is alone enough to make your reception memorable. Because of its unique design, it can be well complemented with a flower ball (readily available from our online store) and candles. Place it on your dining table or at your wedding reception to give your ambiance royal attire. Its unique blank bisecting lines design with crystal tassels hanging from the top makes it the best use for a wedding event.

The package contains 24 pieces that can be easily assembled into two wedding centerpieces with the help of a user manual inside the box. Still, you can always contact us if having an issue with its assembling. This gold-plated high-quality wedding centerpiece should not be cleaned with water or any cleaning chemicals as it might destroy its color and quality.

Clean with a soft, dry cloth, and you’re good to go. A perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, etc., to your loved ones to show how much they mean to you. To give your event a magical demeanor, you can complement our beautifully designed centerpiece with candles, flower balls, bouquets, and garlands.

Geometric Wedding Centerpieces Flower Stand

Available in 19.7″

Available in 26″

Available in 31″


NameGeometric Wedding Centerpiece Flower Stand
Height19.7 ‘’ /26 ‘’ / 31 ‘’
Price (19.7 ‘’)47.99 $ (a set of 2) / 197.99 $ (a set of 10)
Price (26 ‘’)53.99 $ ( a set of 2) / 239.99 $ ( a set of 10)
Price (31 ‘’)63.99 $ ( a set of 2) / 289.99 $ ( a set of 10)
Weight (19.7 ‘’)1.09 Kg (a set of 2 ) / 5.45 Kg(a set of 10)
Weight  (26 ‘’)2.29 Kg (a set of 2 ) / 11.45 kg (a set of 10)
Weight (31 ‘’)2.29 Kg (a set of 2 ) / 11.45 kg (a set of 10)

This beautiful and stylish geometric table centerpiece comes with a unique shape. It’s perfect for sweetheart wedding tables, its sleek and elegant shape makes it the best centerpiece for weddings and events. Use this centerpiece with long-stem French tulips or roses on the coffee table, dining table, or a simple center table. It comes in three sizes, two with a narrow base of 22.5 cm and one with a broad base of 21 cm.

The package comes with three pieces; you have to join the bottom and top with the help of a hex nut. Due to its high-quality metal, its anti-rust and corrosion. Avoid using abrasive chemicals to clean it; use only a clean, dry cloth to dust away the dirt. You can use a candle or tall stem flowers with this wedding centerpiece.

Crystal Flower Stand Wedding Centerpieces

Available in 20.5″

Available in 26″

Available in 31.5″


NameCrystal Wedding Centerpiece
ColorGold / Silver.
Height20.5 ‘’ /26 ‘’ / 31.5 ‘’
Price (20.5‘’)44.99 $ (a set of 2) / 219.99 $ (a set of 10)
Price (26 ‘’)48.99 $ ( a set of 2) / 219.99 $ ( a set of 10)
Price (31.5 ‘’)51.99 $ ( a set of 2) / 249.99 $ ( a set of 10)
Weight (20.5 ‘’)400 g (a set of 2 ) / 2 Kg(a set of 10)
Weight  (26 ‘’)2.4 Kg (a set of 2 ) / 12 kg (a set of 10)
Weight (31.5 ‘’)2.49 Kg (a set of 2 ) / 12.45 kg (a set of 10)

This gorgeous flower wedding centerpiece with crystal tassels hanging is perfect for your wedding event. With its sturdy body and high-quality crystal, use this beautiful centerpiece on the head tables to give your wedding or event a royal demeanor. Its delicate and intricate design can be best accompanied by flower balls (readily available from our online store) or can be complemented with candles.

Because of its high quality and rust metallic body, it’s easy to clean and maintain. Just avoid using water or other cleaning materials to maintain its high quality. Because of its bright crystal tassels, it’s best suited for a wedding event than any other occasion. Due to its fragile design, avoid it from direct sunlight and water and keep it away from children. The package includes 14 pieces (each centerpiece)which can be easily assembled into one centerpiece with the help of the user manual.

Metal Flower Trumpet Wedding Centerpieces Vase 21.65″ Set Of 2


NameMetal Flower Trumpet Wedding Centerpieces Vase
ColourGold/ Silver.
Price53.99 $ (a set of 2 ) / 249.99 $ ( a set of 10).
Weight1.87 Kg / 9.35 Kg

Are you bored with your living room’s decor? Try this beautiful flower vase-designed centerpiece, accompanied by flower balls, faux blooms, or garlands, to give your room a new attire. Its high-quality anti-rust metal makes it easy to clean and maintain. Just dab a clean and dry cloth to dust away the dirt, and you’re all set.

The package includes six pieces (each centerpiece) and is easy to assemble. Try using the installation guide already in the box, and if you need help, call our helpline. Although it’s anti-rust still needs to avoid water or harmful cleaning chemicals. Avoid too much sunlight exposure as it would damage its quality and color. The uniqueness of this beautiful centerpiece can be accompanied by candles, and flowers, or even be used on a head table to give your event royal attire.

Use it in your events or for decoration, or it can also be used as the best gift for housewarmings, weddings, or even birthdays. Its classy, picturesque, and unique styles make it the best room decor for such a handy price with high quality. It’s also available in a set of 10 for your wedding at a special discounted price from our store.

Final Note:

Centerpieces have the power to make any event or room beautiful and classy. Try our exuberant and unique designs from our online store at discounted prices. For more chic designs and variety, visit our online store and get the most incredible high-quality products at special discounted prices.

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