How Do I Store Wedding Decorations?

The arrangement is a science, which helps a lot to make life super easy. A wedding day is a life-lasting memory for any couple. A fantastic wedding decoration arrangement makes this memorable day more colorful and enjoyable for the whole life. If there is any flaw in the arrangement of the wedding decor (that often happens), then you will be stuck in a problem in front of your friends and family. Therefore, arranging everything before the wedding day is necessary to avoid discomfort. If you have bought all of the decors instead of renting, then storing these items after usage is more crucial. A well-arranged and preserved decor will help you flee back to your past in your older days. Here in this article, you will find a way to make your wedding more memorable and easy.

What do you need?

Before going deep into the arrangement procedure, put all of the following things on your table beside the wedding decor.

  • Several things will be a part of your wedding decor. It is almost impossible to carry all of these decors separately to the wedding venue. Therefore, I suggest buying a waterproof bin. It will go better than others because waterproof bins help avoid water damage. It can be transparent or colored. You can find it in your locality. But if you are super busy, then you can buy it from Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, eBay, or any other e-commerce marketplace. These bins will help you smoothly transport your wedding decor to your venue.
  • Painter tape will help you scotch the paper and label the bins.
  • You can choose any color of marker. But, I suggest doing all of the labelings in black color. The black-on-white paper enhances readability.
  • Take a piece of paper to label multiple decors stored in different bins.
  • Don’t forget to put scissors beside it will bring ease to your arrangement operation.
  • Make an inventory list of the decors. It will help a lot to organize them according to the area. Besides the allocation to the area, it will enable you to know the number of items of each decor. In case of damage or loss, you can compensate them with new decor.

How to pack your decors

Here is a complete and comprehensive step-by-step guide to arranging and storing your wedding decoration.

wedding planning list

Prepare a list of decors

Before going into the arrangement and storage procedure, prepare a list of decors. You can make it manually or in a typed form. It will help you avoid missing any objects. Make a list according to bins.

Keep items in their original packing

Manufacturers never compromise on the safety of their products. They ensure that the end user gets the product in its original shape and with a fine touch of sensitivity. Therefore, there is no need to dispose of your original packing if it is in better condition. While arranging and storing, you have to keep its original packing. On the other hand, if you receive broken items on delivery, then don’t take a risk and change the packing. If you rely on the same packing, items will have more wear and tear.

Put the same things together

You have to pack items together. It means packing all the plastic decors together and the glass decors together. Putting the like items together reduces the chance of breaking any decor and makes it easy to pack. While packing different objects, separate them with bubble wraps and paper towels. These separations will maintain the sensitivity of decors and avoid any wear and tear during transportation.

Prepare items

The next thing is to prepare the wedding decor to save your time on the wedding day. It means removing unnecessary things that are not a part of your wedding day decor—done the following things while packing the decor.

  • Removing the sticker from all of the items
  • Cutting tags off things
  • Putting candles in the candle holder

With these small hacks, you will save time and stress. It will create ease for those who will manage these things.

Organize bins according to category

The next most important thing, organize your prepared decors according to category. Decide where these decors will fit best. If your wedding ceremony is outside and there are multiple spots where different events will go at a time, then pile up the decor according to the spots. Mixing will create a mess among the objects. By doing this activity, you will create ease for those who are managing all of these things. Everyone will find the right thing in the right place.

Fill the categorized bins with bins

After dividing the bins according to the area, now fill the bins with piled-up objects accordingly. While packing, keep in view the delicacy of the objects. Separate the decors with bubble wraps and paper towels. These will help to save the decors from any damage.

Label the bins

Now, it’s time to label the bins. There are two types of bins, i.e., transparent and non-transparent bins. For both types, there are different methods of labeling.

Transparent bins

Write on paper and scotch the inside the bin so that anyone can easily read and know where it will go. Scotch the list of the decors that are placed inside the bin. Mention the number of each object on the list,i.e., 12 candle holders, 3 vases, etc.

Non-transparent bins

The method of writing is the same. But mention on scotch tape instead of paper where these items will go. Don’t forget to scotch the detailed inventory list inside the box.


The next most important but sensitive point is that you have to arrange transportation. For safe delivery to the wedding venue, you can contact any goods transportation service for having a truck. If you don’t feel convenient with the truck, then cars will also go fine for transporting wedding decors to the venue.

Storing wedding decor

If you have bought wedding decor, then preserving them will be an excellent option instead of disposing of them. If you want to remember your wedding day after years, these stored items will help you. While storage, follow the same pattern that is mentioned above. After complete packing, store these decors in a proper place. Don’t forget to look after these decorations frequently.


The wedding day is memorable in any couple’s life. The proper wedding decor management will make that day a memorable and fine day of life. If something remains missing, you will face difficulty in your ceremony. To avoid any problem, here is a complete step-by-step guideline. Just follow the guideline, and it will make your day. If you have bought these decors, then you can use these decors whenever you want to recreate that day with the same look. For proper storage, follow the same procedure from step #1.

Source: Jamie Wolfer

If you find any exciting ideas to make this list more attractive and complete, let’s know in the comment section.


How to save preparation time on the wedding day?

You can save ample time on the wedding day by preparing wedding decor early. Remove the tags and plastic cover from the decor, put the candle in the candle holder, and arrange the escort cards alphabetically will make you relax on the wedding day.

What is better to transport wedding decor at the venue, Car or truck?

The truck is better than a car. It will help deliver all decorations safely to the destination rather than the cars.

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