Pros & Cons of Fake Flowers For Wedding Centerpieces

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Artificial or fake flowers are manufactured replicas of fresh flowers from your garden. Fake flowers are mostly made of latex, silk, plastic, and polyester. Sometimes a manufacturer can make the fake flowers look so good you might think they are real. However, are they enough to use for wedding centerpieces?

Fake flowers can hold their beauty even better than fresh flowers, which may easily wilt with time. In that case, fake flowers for wedding centerpieces are something possible. We delve deep into understanding the pros and cons of using fake flowers for wedding centerpieces and how you would make them look just right.

What Are The Advantages Of Artificial Flowers

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When you see many people using fake flowers for wedding centerpieces, there must be something that you probably do not know. Below, we talk about the advantages of artificial flowers that would make you consider them.

Long Lasting

It is expected that fake flowers will be more durable than natural flowers. You no longer have to worry about the flowers wilting easily. Also, no bruising or even getting damaged by mishandling and accidental bumps.

Such durability makes the fake flowers for wedding centerpieces more practical. This is especially in high-traffic areas. These flowers are good in events where they might have to be transported more often. Or moving them from one venue to another.

These artificial flowers can also withstand rougher treatment to maintain their appearance.

Ease Of Availability

You may also like the idea of the availability of fake flowers for wedding centerpieces. Anytime you want the flowers, they will be readily available. You cannot say the same for fresh flowers since they come in seasons.

This is why people often plan their wedding decorations around the flowers in season. That does not have to be the case when you have the right availability of fake flowers.

Different stores selling fake flowers would have quite a wide range of options. Simply walk in and get the flowers you like for your wedding decoration.


Fake flowers for wedding centerpieces being cost-effective may shock some people. Yes, it is possible because you do not have to keep buying new fresh flowers. The fake flowers still look good in the long run.

Natural flowers generally need replacing when they start wilting. Also, when showing signs of fatigue. So, fake flowers are better because you can use them for years. It means saving more on the costs you would otherwise spend on buying fresh flowers.

Faux flowers can also be generally cheaper than fresh flowers. This mostly depends on the quality and materials used to make the flowers. You can always get high-quality fake flowers at affordable rates too.


Fake flowers for wedding centerpieces are quite versatile. This starts with the design options someone can get. With fresh flowers, sometimes you might be limited. That is not true for fake flowers, as they can be found in various colors, sizes, and shapes.

The designers can still mimic existing flowers or come up with fresh designs that are sometimes better than fresh flowers.

The good thing about these flowers is how good they are at being used in different settings too. So, other than wedding decorations, you can still use them at home, office, or other event decorations.

No Allergy Triggers

Another reason for using fake flowers for wedding decorations is because they have no allergy triggers. Fresh flowers may contain pollen when you use them in your wedding centerpiece decoration. However, there are some people allergic to pollen. No one wants their guests to have allergies because of fresh flowers.

Since fake flowers are hypoallergenic, they will not have pollen or fragrances that might lead to allergy triggers in those sitting close to them.

Little Maintenance

Fresh flowers are quite beautiful to look at and smell them. What is not so good is the maintenance that comes with such flowers. Some fresh flowers are put in a vase that will need constant monitoring during their wedding ceremony. This is because they cannot survive long when cut from the plant.

As you can see, proper care is in demand for fresh flowers. However, we do not have to worry about doing the same for faux flowers. We often see it is possible to come up with beautiful wedding centerpieces that have no demanding maintenance as they would have been with fresh flowers.

What Are The Cons Of Fake Flowers For Wedding Centerpieces

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Despite the many good things we have mentioned about the fake flowers for wedding decorations above, there are also a couple of issues to note. Below are the costs for using faux flowers for wedding decorations.

Lack of Authenticity

Fresh flowers have a natural shine, shimmer, and beauty. This is not something you get with fake flowers. At some point, you may feel like there is a lot of authenticity missing from the flowers.

As much as fake flower manufacturers can replicate such looks, it is still tough to get it right. This includes the intricate details of the flowers, the smell, and the textures. Some people might feel that fake flowers for wedding centerpieces are underwhelming in some cases.

Limited Scent

Another big drawback of using fake flowers for wedding centerpieces is no scent. There is something about scents and their contributions to the wedding ambiance. So, since such flowers lack scent, sometimes they will diminish the sensory experience you find with smelling fresh flowers.

Higher Upfront Cost

As much as we had said fake flowers are cost-effective, the upfront cost is usually higher than fresh flowers. You would have to invest properly to get high-quality fake flowers for wedding decorations.


The beauty of fake flowers for wedding centerpieces should be their versatility. These flowers are quite common, and you will find something that suits your applications. We often recommend walking this journey with a florist to help get an idea of which fake flowers to use for achieving your dream wedding decorations. As much as fake flowers are good, they may also have some downsides, as mentioned above. So, if you want to use fake flowers for your wedding centerpieces, this is the time to do it.

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