Best Way to Store Artificial Flowers After Wedding

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Artificial flowers are popular mostly for weddings, anniversaries, and other special events. You can be sure they will be suitable for those who want to create stunning floral arrangements today and in the future. We say the future because these artificial flowers only need to be cleaned and then stored until when you have to use the flowers again.

If you have artificial flowers in bulk, you will find many possible ways to store them. This article guides you toward using the best methods for storing artificial flowers.

Materials Needed For Storage

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Before we can see how you can store artificial flowers in bulk, we have to look at what is vital for making this possible. Here are some of the materials vital for artificial flower storage.

Storage Containers

The storage containers are key to help with keeping the flowers safe from dust, moisture, and many other hazards. You may consider using clear plastic containers with lids as they allow you to see what is in the containers.

Acid-free Tissue Paper

Many tissue paper types are in the market, but we recommend this one for wrapping artificial flowers in bulk. This is because such tissue paper does not damage or discolor the flowers over time. Check out some craft stores for acid-free tissue paper, or buy it online.

Silica Gel Packets

If something has to be stored away for a long time, include the silica gel packets. These are small porous packets that absorb moisture; thus, you keep the flowers dry.

The silica gel packets are quite cheap. Go ahead to buy them in bulk online to use them to store flowers and other related products.

Cardboard Boxes

You should invest in sturdy cardboard boxes to store artificial flowers in bulk. This is a good alternative to storing with storage containers. The cardboard boxes are also likely to be cheaper, thus saving you a lot of money.

7 Steps For Storing Artificial Flowers

Now that you have gathered all the key materials for storing the flowers, next is the actual process. Below are the steps to follow.

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Step 1: Revolve Any Dirt And Debris

The procedure starts by ensuring you have sorted the mess in your flowers. Maybe the flowers also contain dirt and debris. Make sure you gently brush or shake them off to have a clean batch of flowers for storage.

Step 2: Clean With A Soft Cloth

You may see that there is more dirt and debris on the flowers. In this case, consider cleaning them with a soft cloth to remove residue of dirt that might be remaining. Do not apply too much pressure as sometimes it might damage delicate materials.

Step 3: Air Dry The Flowers

Let the artificial flowers in bulk air dry before wrapping them for storage. Air drying ensures no moisture is left behind. Storing the flowers with moisture can be bad for the overall look of the flowers later when you take them out of storage.

Step 4: Wrap In Acid-Free Tissue Paper

Remember the acid-free tissue paper we got above; this is where you can now use it. Make sure the artificial flowers in bulk are completely dry before wrapping them individually in acid-free tissue paper. This protects the flowers from moisture, dust, and other elements.

Step 5: Add Silica Gel Packets

Place the wrapped flowers into a storage container and add the silica gel packets. The work of these packets is to absorb any additional moisture that might be remaining in the container. So, the flowers will now be dry and not easily develop mold or mildew.

Step 6: Store In A Cardboard Box

Next is to store the containers in a cardboard box. It is possible to store the wrapped flowers in the cardboard box directly, but you can use the storage containers first to provide better protection from dust.

Once the storage containers are arranged in the cardboard box, add more silica gel packets to absorb more moisture. Label the top of the box for ease of identification.

Step 7: Store In A Cool, Dry Area

Once the artificial flowers in bulk are in the cardboard box, proceed to place them in a cool, dry place. The location should not be exposed to direct heat sources or direct sunlight as this may lead to fading and discoloration of the artificial flowers over time.

More Tips On Artificial Flowers In Bulk Storage

We have explained the steps to take for storing artificial flowers. However, below are more ideas to ensure these flowers look good even in storage.

  • You should avoid keeping them in direct sunlight, whether in storage or not. Direct sunlight can easily make the flowers fade or discolor with time.
  • Keep the stored flowers away from heat sources. Excessive heat is not advisable as it can warp or fade the flowers. As such, keep heat sources such as heaters and radiators away from the flowers.
  • Do not stack the cardboard boxes with the flowers too high. Stacking them too high can add more pressure on the flowers below. As such, the flowers can be flattened with time, destroying their look. We recommend keeping the boxes at a manageable height.
  • Label your boxes so that they are easy to identify in the future if you ever want to get certain types of artificial flowers in bulk. Some can even add more description to the box so they always get it right when looking for the flowers.


We can see that storing artificial flowers in bulk after a wedding is easy, and anyone can do it. Just ensure you are doing it right to preserve the memories and beauty of the flowers for many years to come.

You can also consider repurposing artificial flowers for home decor if storage is not an option. Others can gift their friends and family so they are put to good use rather than getting stored and never used. It will depend on what you like to do with the flowers.

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