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Wedding centerpieces are one decorations that can take a huge chunk of your budget without proper planning. How to save money on your wedding centerpiece budget?

It is estimated that you can spend around $500 to over $2500 on wedding centerpieces alone. This is a high amount that can still be managed if you have the right tips from an expert. We share more about the average wedding centerpiece budget you should have in mind and how best to save more on this type of wedding decoration.

We can always consider the different wedding floral options to see how much each might cost on average. Here is a list of such floral arrangements you should know before starting the decoration process.

  • Wrist corsage: $20
  • Pin-on corsage: $20
  • Bridesmaid bouquet: $70
  • Bridal bouquet: $200
  • Boutonniere: $15
  • Ceremony structures: $2000 to $3500
  • Flower girl petals: $15
  • Head table florals: $1000
  • Cake flowers: $100
  • Sweetheart table decor: $300 etc.
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