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A wedding ceremony reception should be fun, exciting, meaningful, and most of all unique and personal.

Your wedding should be one event that lights up your face each a thought of it crosses your mind. Thus, you should be able to look back, years later on that memorable day with a big smile.

The vision for your wedding reception is starting to come together in your mind’s eye. At this point, you likely at least have an idea of what you want to include. Snacks and drinks for cocktail hour, dinner tables, of course, a bar and dancefloor… But wait––where’s all this stuff supposed to be placed anyway?

This is where your wedding reception’s floor plan comes in to save the day. Floor plans function as a roadmap for your reception; by deciding in advance where everything should go, you will save yourself from stressing about how to arrange your reception at the last minute.

Let’s break down the steps to creating one!

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