The Ultimate Guide to Choose Your Wedding Centerpieces

Planning a wedding is generally time-consuming. One thing that can take even more time is how you add the wedding centerpieces. Sometimes you may get a few pieces installed at the last minute because you could not decide which was better.

A proper guide would be essential to help you understand how best to choose wedding centerpieces and make them stand out. Let us learn more below.

Different Types of Wedding Centerpieces

The good thing about wedding centerpieces is that you will have many options. Sometimes too many, but it does not hurt to have multiple ways of decorating the wedding. Here are some of the types of centerpieces you can have at a wedding.

  • Candles

For the longest time, candles have stood for romance. That is why you would always get them at a wedding too. The best part about candles is that they are affordable. So, you can fill up the room with candles while at the same time not spending so much money showing romance.

  • Floral arrangement

This is definitely the most traditional type of centerpiece you can get at a wedding right now. There is the option of choosing tall, wide, short, narrow, and other designs for floral arrangement centerpieces. The idea is to play around with the different flowers and make them suit the wedding theme.

  • Linens

Fabrics are also important for wedding centerpieces as they generally boost how the centerpiece looks. Here, focus more on the color and material feel. Some people might touch the linen, and you want it to feel soft. Of course, consider the embroidery too.

  • Personal objects

A wedding is still a nice place to showcase your collection and personal objects. It could be sculptures, pottery, carvings, and others. So, other than always including hanging flowers, a centerpiece can also be a horse sculpture and other designs too.

  • Chandeliers

Of course, chandeliers will be a big part of the wedding setup. You can find them as awesome pieces, especially for the dinner party. Besides the usual commercial chandeliers everyone uses, you can also get creative. Use lanterns or even floral chandeliers to make things different.

  • Lights

More people are now embracing different types of lights, such as LED light bars and neon lights other than the usual chandeliers. The good thing about these lights is how they can be customized further to tell a story. This means you can change the colors, patterns, and so much more.

  • Vases

Where there are flowers, you should also expect to get flower vases too. There are options such as glass vases, ceramic pitchers, acrylic holders, and more. The one setting up the vases can always consider different designs or materials to create a better look for the wedding decor.

Those mentioned above are just but a few types of wedding centerpieces. You can always be more creative and come up with other different types.

tips to choose your wedding centerpices

How To Choose the Perfect Centerpieces for Any Occasion

Now that you know more about the different types of centerpieces, how would you choose one for your wedding? Here are a couple of considerations to make today.

  • Type of event

Each event will have a tone to be followed. An example, a wedding centerpiece is not the same as that for birthdays and graduation parties.

As for the wedding, you may find it having white flowers and more roses since they signify a timeless part of the newlyweds. As for the graduation, centerpieces are all about fun and color, so it is possible to do a lot more with the flowers.

In case of a somber event, it demands seriousness as such, you can always consider keeping the flowers simple. Darker jewel tones can also work here.

  • Your budget

Of course, the number of tables would determine the budget you will spend on wedding centerpieces.

Not all tables need to have the same centerpieces. Some will have to stand out more than others do. As such, you may have to spend more on some centerpieces than others.

The budget can be flexible depending on the type of centerpiece. Some can be sourced locally, meaning you save more. If you have to import a centerpiece, order it early enough to avoid a last-minute rush.

  • Any venue restrictions

Most venues might have limitations on what you can use as wedding centerpieces. Well, it is for good reasons. Examples are open flames, glass that would easily break and injure guests, and more. So, consult with the management first to know more about these limitations before picking the centerpieces.

  • The shape of the tables

The table shape can also help decide which centerpiece to use. Different shapes will determine which type of centerpiece to use.

A round table would also need a round centerpiece. This is because people sitting around the table should be able to see it clearly from all angles.

How about the square tables? You may also want to consider square or round wedding centerpieces for this table shape. The guests would be able to see the centerpiece clearly with such shapes in mind.

As for a rectangular and oval table, having several arrangements on the same table makes it better. You can consider different shapes and colors to make the centerpieces stand out.

  • Capacity and size of the table

Of course, the size of the table is also important. As much as you may want a grand arrangement, having such a large piece fitted on a small table will not make it stand out.

You can consider things such as place cards, water pitchers, plates, glasses, and so much more to determine the capacity of the table. It is better to have smaller arrangements than to make the table look crowded.

  • Lighting

You still have to consider the lighting when you want to come up with a centerpiece design. Let us say the room is dimly lit, then consider adding more candles. Low-lit areas also need more color so that it brings out the brightness of the flowers can show even better.

Always try to work with your environment to ensure the final centerpiece looks like it was supposed to be there.

tips to choose your wedding centerpices

What Are The Best Ways To Use Wedding Centerpieces Effectively?

Sometimes it is the few things you do that can determine if the centerpiece will stand out or not. Here is how to effectively use the centerpiece.

  • Decide whether you want fresh or silk flowers. It can also be a mixture of both. The budget and personal preference can often determine how best to choose between the two.
  • You should not limit your wedding centerpieces to flowers alone. The flowers can be expensive most of the time, so you can try other unique ideas such as floating candles.
  • Natural decor can also be an option for centerpieces. You can use coral, large seashells, and more options rather than spending so much on some pieces that will not last.
  • Always look at the space available for wedding centerpieces. This would make it possible for you only to set up the centerpiece effectively to make it pop.
  • Work with a professional. If you use someone with experience in the field, it becomes easier to get the centerpieces done correctly.

Wrapping Up

The good thing about wedding centerpieces is that you can always play around with different designs. You can come across options such as candles, lanterns, flowers, and so much more. Just make sure you work with the right person with experience in centerpieces. This would ensure that your budget for centerpieces is well utilized and delivers quality work.

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