What Flowers Go in a Tall Vase?

Decorating an interior with vases is a fantastic way to decorate your house. These vases present a great view either you fill the vases with flowers or simply use them as decorative objects. It enriches any place where you put them. Single steam of rose against the straight wall of tall vases creates a dramatic view of the surrounding. Your wedding anniversary will be a memorable event if you fill the tall vases with a 50 roses bouquet. Tall vases provide an elegant look to the environment. Knowing what will be the best match with such vases is crucial.

By reading till the end, you will learn how to select vases, what flowers go well in tall and other vases, and a comprehensive step-by-step guide to set up your dream vase with blooms that suit well.

How to choose the right vase shape for selected flowers?

It’s often very crucial to decide the right choice of the vase. Here is a comprehensive guide for selecting the best match between vase and flowers. You must remember the following critical aspects for choosing the right vase shape for your flowers.

Type of flower

Look keenly is it a long stem, short stem, single blossom, or a bung of similar or different types of flowers?

Shape of vase

Select the vase’s shape and design according to your flower selection.

Texture of vase

The texture of the vase should keep in mind. A glass vase will present a different scenario than a metal or stone vase.

Where to place

If you select a vase for your living room, it will have different types of flowers and shapes. The same design varies for various places, i.e., drawing room, front door, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

What flowers go well with different vases?

You are going to find a match made in heaven in the following.

Tall Vases

A tall vase will fit best for flowers with tall stems, i.e., roses, lilies, sunflowers, peonies, and hydrangeas. Put the flower branches in the vase that reaches the bottom. Moreover, the flowers feature generous foliage to enrich the vase.

If you plan your wedding anniversary or meet up with your loved ones, you need a vase that can hold 50 roses. Fill the vase bottom with vase filler or water beads. Tie the flower with some string or binder and get a match made in heaven.

flower in tall vases

Small Spherical Vases

The flowers that cover the vase’s entire opening match best with round vases. Flowers with rigid stems can stand straight in the bowl. The round vase presents a stunning look with roses, daisies, artificial orchids, chrysanthemums, carnations, and calla lilies. While setting up these flowers in the vase, trim the branches according to the depth of the vase.

Small spherical vases also go well with carnations. You must gather the same or complementary colors of flowers and tie them with a string. While binding, don’t forget to add some greenery. Only use such a quantity of flowers covering up the vase’s face.

flower in tall vases

Cube vase

Cube vases go well with bulky but don’t open blooms widely. The proper selection of flowers is quite crucial. Otherwise, you will fail to get the exact result. Frangipanis, violets, and succulents are suitable to showcase in a small cube vase. But while setting up your vase, you have to cut steam short and pack them tightly in the vase. If there is any free space at the bottom of the vase, you must fill it with pebbles and water beads. The filler will complete and enhance the vase’s appearance.

flower in tall vases

Bud Vases

It is the best vase to showcase an individual or cluster of petite flowers. It is very easy to get a bud vase. Search out your waste, and you can easily find a jam jar or milk bottle. Dude, you have found the perfect match to decorate your dinner table. If you want to make your morning fresh with a great site, then put it on your bed’s side table.

A guide to setup your dream vase

A well decore vase freshens the surroundings. After properly learning how to fill your vase with the appropriate color, you can give it an artistic and beautiful touch. The arrangement is a matter of a few minutes. Here you will learn a step-by-step guide on how to set up your vase to energize your environment.

Gather your materials

Gather all of the material in a place; it will create ease in your operation. In the following, there is a list of materials that will help you complete your work quickly and efficiently.

Vase: Select the vase according to the type of flowers.

Scissors: It will help you to trim the steams. You can also use gardening scissors to complete arranging flowers in the vase.

Plant food: If you are plucking the flowers from your garden, then buy plant food from your local gardening shop. Usually, the plant food packets come with pre-made bouquets.

Water: It will help to make the flowers alive for long hours.

Flowers: Gather the flowers of your choice. Don’t forget to add some greenery as well with the flower.

Remove the extra leaves

Remove the extra buds and leaves to have clean steam. It’s fine to leave some leaves on steam, but too much will shrink the area for flowers.

Cut the extra length

After cleaning the steam, make it short according to the depth of the vase. Trim the flower branches at 45-degree. At this angle, steam soaks more water, making them stay alive for long hours.


Water helps to live long. Fill the vase with water up to its half depth. You’ll change the water after every three days. If you fill less than half, you must change the water more often.

Add plant food

Add plant food to the water. Usually, it mixed naturally. But if it sinks to the bottom, stir the water until completely dissolution.

Create sturdy base

Form a sturdy base to help the flower stand well in the vase.

Add focal flower

Introduce the focal flower in your vase and spread it out. The focal flower is the one for whom you think to display. The focal flower may be your favorite, or the biggest, or most colorful flower.

Introduce secondary flower

Now add the secondary flowers. It will be less populated in a vase.

Give a final touch

Add flower stems to the missing area and rearrange the flowers, if required. Remove extra and wilted petals and foliage to make it always fresh.

Source: Theodore Leaf

Final words

The proper arrangement of flowers with each type of vase is very crucial. Select the vase according to the kind of flowers. Don’t forget the shape of the vase, the texture of the vase, glass, metal, or stone, and where you will place it. The best match for each shape will provide you with desired results. Following a 9-step brief guide, your vase will be the match made in heaven for tall or any other kind of vase.

If you find some interesting ideas related to this topic, then please let me know in the comment section.


Can I fill my tall vase with branches?

Yes, you can fill your tall vase with branches. Branches go well with tall vases. They enhance the elegant look of the vase.

What is the best place to put a tall vase?

Corners are the best place to put a tall vase in a small entry. It will enhance the scenery if your vase color matches the backdrop. It makes the rest of the room neutral and uncluttered.

Can I put anything else other than flowers?

Yes, you can fill your tall vase with multiple objects other than flowers, i.e., balls of yarn, wine corks, a single green leaf, coffee beans, and paper pages. You can even decorate your space by placing only an empty tall vase.

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