What Is the Etiquette for Wedding Flowers

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Flowers play an essential role in every occasion. Wedding flowers set the ambiance from a normal gathering to a grand party. Tying the knot with your loved one is a unique and memorable moment. With the right flowers, one can enhance the beauty of the event.

One can make different floral arrangements to increase the beauty of the venue. It also enhances the vibes of the surroundings. Each flower has a symbolic meaning. Thus, you can use them to express your feelings better.

Are you going to make floral combinations and venue decorations? Or are you in charge of bringing more flowers to the venue? Here are some things to remember when it comes to wedding flowers.

Wedding flowers are capable of winning everyone’s hearts. Whether it is an indoor event or an outdoor one, it must bloom with flowers.

1. Consult with the Couple

Ask the bride & groom about their floral preferences, budget, and function theme. When selecting flowers, the couple’s vision and needs should be your top priority. Ask them about any specific flowers they love or dislike. Remember to ask about their style and color preferences. This way, you can create floral bouquets that align with their goals. All these things will help you make their special day memorable.

2. Respect Cultural or Religious Traditions

Different cultures and religions have their customs and traditions about wedding flowers. Be aware of these traditions and beliefs.

You must try that bunches of flowers align as per the customs. Some cultures, for example, believe a few flowers to be lucky or symbolic. Others may consider them to be inappropriate or unacceptable. Respect and honor these cultural or religious traditions when making floral arrangements.

3. Coordinate with the Wedding Theme and Colors

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The wedding flowers should complement the event’s theme and colors. First, check if it will be a formal, outdoor, or beach destination wedding. Now based on that, you should choose flowers to match the theme.

The color combination of flowers should also match the wedding theme. Before the wedding, talk to the couple and the event planner to ensure everything is perfect. Check the floral arrangements so that they enhance the aesthetic of the wedding.

4. Consider Seasonal Availability and Budget

Seasonal flowers are more cost-effective and attractive. They need less transportation and have a lower carbon footprint. Try using these flowers for the wedding because it is easy to get them. It is also easy to maintain their freshness for a long time.

One must consider the budget for wedding flowers before planning anything. Stay transparent with the couple about the costs of different flower choices—this way; you can give them better and more suggestions.

5. Coordinate with Other Floral Elements

Wedding flowers play an important role than the bridal bouquet and centerpieces. Mix and match floral elements like corsages, flower baskets, and ceremony flowers.

Ensure all floral elements are symmetric in style, color, and theme. To get a melodic and polished appearance, maintain consistency in all areas.

6. Work with a Professional Florist

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Working with a professional florist with experience in designing wedding flowers is beneficial. An expert florist can guide you about flower choices, design concepts, and proper care. They can also assist with the delivery, setup, and takedown of flowers. This process of making floral arrangements is difficult and time-consuming. Contact an experienced florist to find flowers for couples by following proper etiquette.

7. Handle Flowers with Care

Flowers are delicate,  and they need proper care. It is necessary to maintain their freshness and beauty throughout the wedding. Handle flowers with care to avoid any damage.

Make sure that the flowers are being hydrated in a proper way and after regular intervals. Store them in a cool place until they are ready for use. Avoid using wilted or damaged flowers for the wedding decoration.

8. Respect Venue and Environmental Regulations

Some wedding venues may have specific rules or restrictions for decoration using flowers. You should work with staff to make floral arrangements following regulations. Also, be aware of these floral arrangements’ impact on the environment. Avoid using floral foam because it is not biodegradable. You should choose environment-friendly options whenever possible.


Weddings and flowers have an essential role in our life. Flowers are unique gifts and can help in decorations to please guests. No doubt, every detail of wedding decor matters. Table decorations need equal attention and carry the potential to make your event more appealing.

Always keep in mind two essential features; color and form. The base color for the bouquet can be traditional white. It symbolizes purity, but using one or two elements of color can make it lively. Contact Inweder for the most beautiful floral ideas to add to a wedding.

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