What Should I Put on a Halloween Table Top

Halloween is when you let your imagination run wild. It is why you may find others having quite amazing centerpieces on their tables, while you are still searching for Halloween table top decor. Well, it does not have to be hard at all when you have the right guide.

If you might be stuck decorating your Halloween table, we have some ideas to get you started. Most, if not all, can be done with easy-to-find materials, so it should not be hard. Let us see what you can try out below.

Black beaded pumpkin

black beaded pumpkin for halloween table centerpiece

The good thing about pumpkins is that they are versatile for decorations. Rather than the usual orange pumpkin, consider having a more elegant table centerpiece full of black beads. Looking at the image above, you might not have been able to tell it is a pumpkin because of how good it looks with the beads.

The black beads would also be cheaper and simple. The best part is how they can easily create an expensive look. Have your kids join in to help in decorating the pumpkin with the beads. You can still add some color to spruce it as you like.

Candle centerpieces with an evil look

candle centerpiece with an evil look for halloween table

Candles are mostly known for being romantic and soothing. Wait until you now have to plan for a Halloween table centerpiece. It is possible to change that look into something evil but fun. Keep in mind that candles have been associated with exorcism and witchcraft before. So, a Halloween party is not complete without them.

Let the candles burn for a while in preparation for the Halloween effect. As you can see from the image, you let the wax drip onto the candle holders to create an evil look.

Place cards made of mini pumpkins

place cards made of mini pumpkins in halloween

In case you are looking to host people over for a Halloween party, it is best to have place cards too on the tables. This time around, consider being creative rather than just plain paper with the person’s name. That is why we recommend using the mini pumpkins as place cards. The best part is the guests can then place cards home after the event.

Come up with a list of the people attending the party to help determine how many mini pumpkins to get. You can always get them in different colors other than white to make them unique and fun.

Splatter DIY pumpkin decor

Photo from eFavormart | Pinterest

This is also among the most affordable Halloween decorations you can have. If you love art, try this to see how it turns out. However, it might not always be the look for everyone. It might be dirty-looking for some people, but others will enjoy the unique approach. So long as you understand your audience, you can always have a unique design.

The choice of color is entirely up to you to decide. As for this illustration, black and white seemed to pair quite well. Sometimes you may have to use several paint layers to get the solid color you desire.

Booger popcorns

booger popcorns for halloween table centerpice

This one also needs someone who might enjoy a zombie-themed party for Halloween. Consider getting yourself a cauldron of any size as the table centerpiece, then fill it with many treats that kids can enjoy. Of course, candy should do a good job.

If candy is too normal for you, you can still fill it with popcorn that looks like zombie boogers. Well, they can be disgusting or inventive, depending on the person. Make sure to make your popcorn look green by adding a food color. The green color brings out the zombie look.

Brain cake

brain cake for halloween table decor

Even from the image, you can tell not many people might stomach it, but it is Halloween, and you are allowed to be creative. All you have to do is get a sponge cake with a brain drawing on it to make the cake look as real as possible. Some even use a strawberry sauce dripping all over the cake to make it realistic.

We recommend ordering it from a baking shop with experience making the best brain cakes. You will definitely see your guests squeamish when they try to take a bite of the brain cake.

Creativity with wine bottles and candles

wine bottle with candle for halloween centerpiece

If you have wine bottles around, you can be sure to put them to good use during Halloween table top decor. You will not even have to do much. Simply fill them with candles and let the wax drip down the bottle. Ensure the candles fit snugly in the bottle’s mouth to avoid falling into it.

To get the results of the image above, you have to let the candles burn for a few hours and turn them off. You can now relight the candles once the guests get to the party so that they can experience the Halloween look.

Skull Halloween table centerpiece

skull table centerpiece for halloween table top decor

Considering it is Halloween, skulls on the table will not be a problem for most people. They can easily be comfortable around them as centerpieces. Getting the skulls is not a problem. You can buy them from a store selling decorations near you or order online. Make sure to get some fabric too. The fabric is essential for creating the fog effect.

Some even paint the skills so that they have red bloody eyes or shadows to create a freaky look. You can also add bat or spider decorations on the skulls to make them even spookier.

Mini graveyard as a Halloween table centerpiece

mini graveyard as a halloween table centerpiece

Still, on the subject of skulls, you might as well consider creating a spooky mini graveyard as the Halloween table top decor. Most of the things you see in the image can be made at home. This includes the mini coffin, huge spider, and others. Go ahead to decorate it as you like.

Careful now. Not all guests might like it, but if you have friends who can enjoy such stuff, it would not be bad to give them one.

Use books as centerpieces

book table centerpieces for halloween table top decor

Halloween is associated with being spooky and magic. That can be the theme too, where you have book covers with titles on spells, potions, and so much more. Look at the image above for ideas on what types of covers you can get for the books.

Other than the books, you can also add a lantern table centerpiece on top. Take note of the lantern design. Being Halloween, the lantern having the skull design should complete the look.

This can be a great DIY project considering you can easily make the book covers yourself.

Floral centerpiece

floral with skull for halloween centerpiece

This might not be the wedding table centerpiece, but it can still be good for Halloween table top decor. Just because it is Halloween, it does not mean that you always make it scary. We recommend you also try out this floral look to see just how good your Halloween party looks.

Rather than the black skull, this time around, make it white and add different flowers to it. Aim to achieve a feminine look with flowers.


Looking at the various Halloween table top decor ideas above, you can see that it is possible to be creative. You can make it charming or go dark as well. It largely depends on your audience for the Halloween party. Do not limit yourself to only the options listed above. We recommend you check out as many options as possible to have an amazing Halloween this year.

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